Why Keto?

When people think Keto they often only think about how difficult it will be to stick to such a low carb limit. Typically with Keto you stick to around 20g of carbs a day. To give you an idea of how low that limit is 1 banana has about 25g of carbs. So yes it is a very extreme carb limit, but Keto allows for a lot of great, filling foods which help to curb that feeling of deprivation. 

We have gone from eating cereal, toast, yogurt, oatmeal and sugary coffee for breakfast to eating bacon, eggs with cheese, avocado, and a Keto Friendly Iced Coffee. We feel fuller, more energized and don't have a crash mid-day because we are fueling our body with food that can sustain us for a much longer time. We typically will eat this hearty breakfast and then not eat another meal until dinner time. I used to not be able to go that long without eating without getting the low blood sugar shakes and becoming hangry. Not anymore. 

I, like most people, would not be able to do this diet without some good sweet options. I listed many of the products I use under the Products We Love section. I am constantly experimenting with different desserts. I like to use ingredients that I can keep on hand and easily find. Being able to add good fats into desserts and using natural sweeteners has allowed for us to stick to our diet without feeling like we need a "cheat day." 

Dinner is my favorite meal to prepare. I have found that I can create meals that my family (including my super picky toddler) actually likes. I will share them in my Recipes sections as I perfect them and find the ones that are really worth your time to make! I have a few go to easy dinners for the nights when I just don't have the time to prepare a meal, but typically I will make a large portion of something yummy and we can eat it for several nights. It is nice to be on a diet where your only options are not meat and vegetables. We can eat savory meals with delicious buttery, cheesy sides and still lose weight and feel wonderful!


One of the biggest reasons I liked the idea of Keto was because I wanted to get rid of sugar from our families diet. I believe sugar has much to do with many disease people I love have, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases and general poor health.I wanted to get rid of sugar but I did not want to do this by just replacing sugary drinks with diet versions that are full of other junk, but to really make a lifestyle change. the day we stared Keto I dumped every pretty glass canister of sugar, brown sugar, flour and powdered sugar in the trash. I replaced it with coconut flour, almond flour, Swerve, and cocoa powder. I decided this is what my kids will know. I do not want them to grow up on sugar. I bake more now than I ever did before. I don't have the option to just grab my son a treat from the store. We now get to enjoy time baking together, and he gets to enjoy a delicious treat that I don't feel bad giving him. Never let anyone make you feel bad for not letting your kids have "sweets." You are not depriving them. They will not grow up to be the weird kid who can't go to birthday parties. Parties don't have to be about the sweets you get to eat. Make celebrations about the fun you can have together, rather than the sugar you get to consume. The habits and healthy choices you instill in them now help shape the choices they make when they are adults.