Sugar Alternatives Guide for Keto

I want to provide everyone with a super simple guide for what sweeteners to use and to stay away from while doing Keto. This topic is one many people starting Keto don't even realize they need to know! I was one of them. I figured if something said 0g of carbs on it than I was good. After doing some research on what sweetness we safe for my family, I learned that not only are some very harmful to your health, but they can also spike your blood sugar and cause an inulin response despite being 0 carbs.

Below is a chart I made as an easy guide for sweetness while on Keto:

Easy Keto Guide to Sweeteners

Obviously these are not all of the brands available on the market that are safe and not safe while doing Keto, but it is an easy guide to all of the common sweeteners.

Personally I use SWERVE and Natural Mate Stevia most often. You can find products my family likes that use safe Keto Sweeteners on my Products We Love Page.

It is important to remember to use all sweeteners sparingly. Just because they may not spike your blood sugar does not mean they will not increase your cravings for sweets. We limit ourselves to one sweet treat made with either Swerve or Natural Mate at night and some Natural Mate in our coffee.

Hope this is a helpful guide on sweetness for someone starting their Keto journey!

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