My Keto Journey: Month 1

So a few months ago my husband and I decided we were due for a little lifestyle change.

We have been health conscious in many areas of our lives, but our diet was something we tried not to look too deeply into. We would buy "organic" and avoid any OBVIOUSLY bad for you foods, but again we made sure to not stress too much about what we ate.

One night after leaving church we decided we would try "The Keto Diet". Our pastor, who is known for becoming a little obsessed with a subject and learning everything there is to know about it, had been doing it for a while and we thought it sounded like a great way to lose some weight. So the next day we were Keto People...

The first week was HARD! It is no joke! You feel crappy, you are super thirsty, shakey, tired..... This is called "The Keto Flu." As a breastfeeding momma with a 2 month old at the time, it was not fun...

We did not give up though! We just made sure to drink plenty of electrolytes and stuck to it. Once we made it past that first week we were feeling great. We also had each lost around 10lbs that week. This typically happens because you are losing a lot of the water weight you had been carrying around and because much of the inflammation we lived with had been reduced. It felt good to not be swollen and uncomfortable for the first time in a long time!

During this first month I have found lots of yummy recipes that have made the Keto diet much more doable. I will continue to share my versions of our dinners, lunches, sweet treats and ways I have incorporated sugarless foods into my 2 year olds diet as well!

Me at my starting point

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