Sugar Replacers:

Swerve is great for baking, It has a taste similar to sugar and measures just like sugar which makes it very easy to use! No Stevia aftertaste either!

This Natural Mate Stevia is a great blend that works wonderfully in teas and coffee. It dissolves quickly and does not require much. It also has no weird aftertaste. 

This Swerve Confection Sugar makes a great cream cheese icing! I like that this has a blend of natural sweetness so that there is no aftertaste like with Stevia.

Sweet Treats

These Lily's chocolate bars are made with Stevia rather than sugar so they are tastier than the super dark chocolate and have less carbs! I use these for all of my desserts that require dark chocolate!


Zevia is a soda that is sweetened with Stevia. I like these because as a family we try to stay away from harmful artificial sweeteners and dyes. These are all clear in color and taste very similar to typical soda. We try to drink them sparingly but they are a nice treat if you are craving some soda!

Bai is so tasty! It is a sugar free was to get your juice fix. Added bonus is it has just enough caffeine for a pick me up. Again no harmful sweeteners! 

These Bai Bubbles are my husbands favorite! They taste like sparkling juice. My husband likes using these to make drinks by adding a little rum. They also have some caffeine in them! 

Simply delish is so yummy and is so versatile! Make with Stevia as well!

These are great in coffee and different recipes! A little goes a long way and they have no harmful artificial sweeteners!