Why and How Keto Works

So the super simple reason Keto works is because your body transitions into fat burning mode. Our bodies use Glucose as energy, so when we are supplying our bodies with abundant amounts of glucose (sugar) it burn it off first. Some believe sugar is even a poison to our body, therefore our bodies work hard to get rid of it by burning it. I am no scientist so I can't say for sure, but I do believe there is a lot of truth to it. When you start Keto it really opens your eyes to all of the hidden sugar in products you once felt good about giving your families. 

Keto uses the idea that your body will burn sugar first so therefore we need to drastically cut our carbs to force our bodies to begin to use fat for energy. You also increase your healthy fat intake to help fuel your body and teach your body to use fat for energy. So simply put cut out carbs and increase fat.

Carbs are hiding in everything it seems! Vegetables, fruit, milk, anything made with corn, wheat or flour. Drinks are a major culprit. Juices are full of sugar.... even the no sugar added ones! Keto takes a lot of diligence at first. You have to check labels and get creative, but once you learn what things you need to replace in your diet it becomes easier to stick with. 

"Cheat Days" don't exist in the Keto diet. Cheat days will kick you out of Ketosis because your body is kicked back into sugar burning mode. There are many products on the market to help get your body back into ketosis, but honestly making a choice to give up sugar just needs to be a choice you stick with. For me watching the documentary "The Magic Pill" really helped make this decision easy for me. When I see the word sugar on any label I just put it back. There are so many really good options that use Stevia along with other natural sweeteners that there is no need to keep sugar around. Check out the Products We Love section for the sugar substitutes we find taste the best. 

What I can say for a fact is that I feel like a much healthier person cutting out sugar and living a Keto Lifestyle. Some people say to me that what I do can't be healthy because of all of the fat added into my diet, but the proof is there. I look better, feel better and the food I eat is more pure. I am not eating hotdogs and cheeseburgers everyday like many people perceive. I am eating more coconut, avocado, cheese, grass fed beef and nuts. 

Watch the Documentary on Netflix called "The Magic Pill" for some great testimonials that might help you better understand why we choose Keto.

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