Why We Choose Keto

Our family is really no different than any of yours. We are not health nuts. We are not fitness gurus. We are chubby, middle class parents of two little ones who wanted to get healthier for our kids without stressing too much about how we would do that. A friend mentioned they were doing Keto and we basically told them good job and didn't think much of it. Weeks later we started to notice what a difference it was making in his weight, and mainly how he wasn't complaining about how terrible it was being on this diet. That night we decided we could do it too, and we did. 

The biggest draw for me was the idea that we could eliminate sugar without having constant cravings for it. I have viewed sugar as a poison for a long time, but never had hope in being able to really stay away from it. Keto has allowed us to eliminate sugar from our diet and avoid the sugar crashes and cravings we had experienced with previous diets and attempts at eating better. I have learned to cook and make our sweet treats using absolutely no sugar, and I actually enjoy thinking of new ways to eliminate it from our lives. 

For many Keto is mainly a means to weight loss, but for others it becomes a guide for health. We feel better, are more comfortable with the foods our children eat, and feel like we have found a way of eating that is actually sustainable. 

I encourage anyone wondering why Keto works to watch the documentary "The Magic Pill"