September 19, 2018

These cupcakes are so yummy and kicked the cupcake cravings! My two year old is obsessed with baking, and when he discovered that I had bought cupcake liners, there was no talking him out of them. Soooo I can up with these cupcakes on the fly while baking with a two ye...

September 3, 2018

These biscuits are so good with soup, chili, sausage gravy or as a side.


8oz cream cheese

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella 

1 clove of garlic

1 Jalapeño chopped

2/3 cup of super fine almond flower

4 teaspoon of baking powder

2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning

2 eggs


July 27, 2018

So I have been CRAVING lemon pound cake from Starbucks like crazy! I obviously knew that is was not an option so I started to look into copy cat recipes that I could convert into a Keto Recipe. I also had several zucchini I needed to use up asap! That is where the Lemo...

June 30, 2018

My husband is obsessed with gooey half cooked hot brownie batter. I missed being able to make him his favorite treat so I started searching for a recipe that would help create brownies that we both loved. My perfect brownie has a little crisp to the top but moist in th...

June 7, 2018

I have had many people ask about a guide to shopping while on Keto. I made a chart that is easy to follow and organized to be easy to use while shopping. This is not a hard list that you can not derive from, but it is a good guide for beginners so that they can get the...

June 6, 2018

Ok, so we have all heard of Bulletproof Coffee and know that it is full of good fats and keeps you full all morning. Well bulletproof Lemon Bars are full of similar benefits. They are essentially made of Cashews, MTC oil and COLLAGEN! I am a big fan of the benefits of...

May 25, 2018

So I made this for dinner last night as a super easy and quick meal. It only requires a few ingredients and was very filling so a win-win. 

I started with Thick-Cut Bacon. I got mine from the deli close to my house where they cut it themselves and it is so thick and yum...

May 23, 2018

So I was craving Jalapeño Poppers for about a week and every time I would go to the store I would forget to buy the Jalapeños! So every night I would think of how i was going to make a meal out of jalapeño poppers that my husband would actually eat and I finally came u...

May 19, 2018

So this stuff has become a staple in our house! I make super easy desserts using it, and it is pretty diverse. I want to share some ways I prepare it so that is doesn't get too boring!

1. Plain Old Chocolate Pudding: I make is as directed on the box, but use Unsweetened...

May 19, 2018

I want to provide everyone with a super simple guide for what sweeteners to use and to stay away from while doing Keto. This topic is one many people starting Keto don't even realize they need to know! I was one of them. I figured if something said 0g of carbs on it th...

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Keto Vanilla Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

September 19, 2018

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May 23, 2018

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